AI Arms Race: China is rushing to deploy autonomous AI weapons

AI arms race is now no more a theoretical discussion. A new study has revealed that China which is facing a lot of economic trouble lately, including the slowdown of it’s economy and US imposed tariffs, is rushing to deploy AI arms.

Chinese leadership has a strong belief that AI arms would not only help them to make them superior in military power terms, but also could prove a tangible economic broking leverage.

While Chinese diplomats and state officials are concerned that deployment of autonomous AI weapons would decrease the threshold of ‘conflict escalation’, the military on the other hand is ‘gung ho’ on deploying AI weapons, as fast as possible. China and US have some recent tough stand-off in South China Sea (which is basically part of Pacific ocean). There are other nations also involved in South China Sea supremacy battle.

Almost all of it’s most advanced aerial drones have found a ready market in the form of middle-eastern countries, Saudi Arabia and UAE; states which are not known to be democracy friendly.

It has two new major research labs focussed solely on AI defence research and development under it’s National University of Defence Technology.

China considers, AI as a ‘leapfrog’ to cross over US in arms race.
[Source: (Technology Review)]

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