The Chinese government is curbing export of advanced drones and supercomputers as it looks to tighten control over tech that has the potential to upset national security.


Makers of super-powerful drones and advanced computers will have to obtain an export license starting mid-August, according to a WSJ report.

Computers will require an export license if they have processing power greater than 8 “teraflops”, that’s roughly equivalent to 33 Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

Chinese drones too have sparked off several international controversies. Drones made by Shenzen-based DJI were flown onto the roof of the Japanese PM’s office and even the White House lawn.

Drones and supercomputers are two areas where China is an industry leader – DJI is the world’s largest drone maker by revenue and the country houses the Tianhe-2, the world’s most powerful supercomputer.