In China, Farmers are using AI to track and save pigs

China’s pork production accounts for more than half of the world supply. In its current form, pig farms use RFID tags to track pigs. These RFID tags are pricey and difficult to scan, making and farmers must individually log data into mobile applications or fill in paper forms.

Pigs on AI
Pigs on AI (Image Credit: Gellinger / Pixabay)

This is where Alibaba’s ET Brain system comes into the picture.
Alibaba’s ET Brain uses computer vision and voice recognition on pigs tattoed with ID numbers. Real-time video footage is collected through surveillance cameras.

Using computer vision, ET Brain will set up profiles for each pig, documenting their breed, age, weight, eating conditions, exercise intensity and frequency, and movement trajectory. The first phase of the launch includes functions such as herd behavior analysis, inventory count, health monitor, and automatic weighing (source).

Using Voice Recognition to save piglets

Piglets are sometimes crushed to death by their “negligent” mothers when feeding. The voice recognition system tracks the noise each piglet makes and intervenes in case of suffocation.
Amazing, right?

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