China Vs. India’s E-commerce Growth : India Has Lowest Avg Orders Per Capita

With 48% of the total internet users living in Asia and e-commerce companies growing exponentially, Idealo’s research study has revealed facts and figures of e-commerce trends that are dominating in the Asian region and which are shaping up the e-commerce industry. [pullquote float=’RIGHT’ color=’#FFF’ bgcolor=’#000000′]India has the lowest average number of orders per capita with 8.3 while China has 23.[/pullquote] China leads with highest number of Internet users while India is ranked third. Japan and South Korea have an Internet penetration of 79% and 82% respectively. Thus, China tops the list of digital buyers with 55.2% followed by Japan and South Korea. India scores the least with only 24.4%.

Interestingly, the study has also found that though smartphone penetration has increased and e-commerce companies are also using app-only strategy, PCs are still the preferred devices for product research and purchase.

digital buyers

The average contribution of e-commerce towards its country’s GDP range in between 1-2% but India still remains at 0.18%.


The study also pointed that India also has the lowest average number of orders per capita with 8.3 while China has 23. The report said that China’s e-commerce market almost doubled its value in 2012 with an unprecedented growth of 92% while India in the last four years has experienced e-commerce growth at a rate of 30% [research link].

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