Welcome to Dystopia : China introduces AI powered ‘tracking uniform’ in schools.

The first sign of a Dystopian society is when individuals are tracked 24×7 by all means possible. And thus they are confined to act, and appear as desirable as possible for the tracker.

China which is one of the leading countries in Artificial Intelligence has taken dystopia to a new paradigm. It first started to build the world’s largest surveillance network three years ago. The ‘Sky Net’ project has 20 million facial-detection cameras installed to identify any of the 1.4 billion citizens within three seconds.

Now in a ‘no holds barred’ scenario, China has started to introduce school uniforms which track pupils all the time.

The approximately Rs.1500 per set uniform comes with two chips embedded in the shoulder areas and works with an AI-powered school entrance system, which is equipped with facial recognition cameras.

The ‘smart uniforms’ are produced by Guizhou Guanyu Technology which specialises in developing high-tech school equipment using big data technologies. The entrance system, powered by facial recognition camera, can capture a 20-second-long video of each pupil going in or coming out of the school. The footage will be uploaded onto an app in real time for teachers and parents to watch.An alarm will go off if the school gate detects any pupil who leaves the school without permission (source).

Guanyu Technology spent two years developing the product before launching it in July in 2017 ahead of the new school term. According to company the uniforms could help track the pupils on campus, but not outside the school.

The company also says the use of the uniforms had been approved by the faculty of each school as well as the parents of the pupils.

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