China is worried about myopic kids; Asks parents to cut down on screen time

In China, about 36.5 percent of the fourth graders and 65.3 percent of the eighth graders have poor eyesight.

The high incidence of myopia among students, which affects more and more children at a younger age and undermines their health, is a major problem concerning the future of the country and the Chinese nation, Xi instructed after reading a recent media report on the problem.

All this thanks to video games and screen time.

A Plan Led by President Xi Jinping

The plan, issued by the Ministry of Education, directs China’s media regulator to limit the number of new games approved for distribution, although it does not suggest a specific limit.

It also encourages the regulator to explore measures to limit the amount of time minors can spend playing games, and to consider a system for rating games for age appropriateness.

Other recommendations in the notice include improving physical education in schools, limiting the amount of written homework given to elementary school students and improving lighting conditions in classrooms.

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