Reliance’s Chintee – A search engine or Local deals engine?

Reliance is using the good old BigAdda strategy to garner user attention for their new product – Chintee.comTo keep up the steam and interest, they are asking users what is:
And the options are:

  • Search Engine.
  • Comparison Engine
  • Video search
  • People Search
  • Collaborative Search
  • All of the above

Funny that 38% users think it’s all of the above!

Here is my take – It’s None of the Above, ‘coz if Chintee is one of the above, it’s doomed to meet the same fate as BigAdda.

I don’t care what it is – but IMHO, here is what it should be::

Like a Chintee, which goes after the sweet market, Reliance should also go after the sweet/untouched market.

Frankly, I don’t see any reason why Reliance should step into tech intensive businesses like building a search engine (even though the search engine business has huge money)

Reliance’s core strength lies in retail and distribution (and that will drive Zapak’s success and BigFlicks success as well), and ideally, I expect them to leverage on their retail reach and build a local deals engine.

An engine that brings local deals to the online world – powered by Reliance’s retail arm .

What do you say? What is Chintee? Is it worth talking about (after the BigAdda’s damp squib show)?

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