Startup Roundup: Chittischools, Vitruvien, iTestiWin

Other than the startups we had covered during the week, here are some others that caught our eye. Look for the best schools in your area using Chittischools, customise and have tailored the shirts you wear at, and learn via “social tests” at iTestiWin.


chittischoolsFounded in 2011, Chittischools is a portal that helps parents find schools for students. The website enlists schools within any given area in cities across India. Users can find different schools in an area according to board type and school type as well.

The site also provides more information about the schools that are listed like the address, and reviews from other parents about the school. The portal also has a feature that gives admission information for each of the schools listed.


vitruvienFounded by Rajesh Goradia and Esha Jaggi, Vitruvien, is a place where users can get custom-made, tailored shirts for men. The company claims that every part of the shirt can be customised right to the buttons being used on the shirt.

Users can customise depending on type of material they want used, how they want the sleeves, collars, length etc. All customised clothing can be previewed in real time using the 3D revolutionary shirt designer on the website. Alterations to shirts in case of an ill fit is made by the company free of charge.


itestwiniTestiWin is an education portal that depends on gamification and crowdsourcing to make tests fun. All tests and quizzes on the site are crowdsourced and users are rewarded for participating in activities. Targeting students and professionals, iTestiWin was developed by Lokesh Gupta and Iti Gupta to solve the problem of monotony while taking tests.

Users can create tests, take tests, review their performance and even engage with the community using the platform. Subject matters on which tests are conducted range from categories that include general aptitude tests, economics and finance, to engineering and design.

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