Chittr joins the shortcircuit pool?

Microblogging portal, Chittr (supposed to be India’s twitter) joins the shortcircuit pool (the site navigates to now)

This is what I wrote in my earlier review:

chittr needs to clearly define their offering/positioning and stick to it for another few months (and then move on to other areas). Also, they need not copy the twitter lingo…

Unless the site is hacked (by guys? very unlikely!), I am quite surprised by such behavior – I mean, why redirect? Can’t they simply say they have shutdown and close the site?

Even though these portals (please notice: I am not calling these startups) are a result of “I-can-do-it-too” mentality, it’s really important for founders to declare their shutdown status (and then shutdown).

The bigger question is how will you trust them with your data, say if they launch another portal tomorrow ?

I won’t.

[Thanks Vishal for the tip]

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