Chotukool, the chotu Refrigerator from Godrej for Rural India [Tech Innovation]

We have covered the bottom of pyramid stories from India (e.g. Samman Foundation – Bringing structure to the Rickshaw Industry (Rick is an OOH Panel)) and here is a mindblowing product from the factory of Godrej.

ChotuKool, the mini refrigerator made for rural India doesn’t have a compressor. It actually opens from top, runs on batteries and is being test marketed in Maharashtra.

The refrigerator weighs only 7.8 kg, runs on a cooling chip and a fan similar to those used to cool computers.

What about power consumption, one of the significant barriers? As per Godrej, Chotukool consumes half the power consumed by regular refrigerators and uses high-end insulation to stay cool for hours without power (via).

The winning piece is ofcourse the cheap price, i.e. Rs 3,250/, and whats important is the engineering excellence – only 20 parts, as opposed to more than 200 parts in a normal refrigerator.

The product has gone through multiple iteration (and like any good product, has been iterated using customer feedback from rural women) and is distributed via micro finance groups.
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