This Chrome Extension Shows You What The Internet Might Turn Into Without Net Neutrality

The debate on Net Neutrality in India is gathering a lot of steam, and is even drawing the interest of the lay man thanks to social media and other initiatives such as this video from AIB.
Net Neutrality Violation Example
However, for many it may get hard to wrap their heads around the entire concept, given that they haven’t seen any blatant violations of Net Neutrality.
In a bid to help people get a taste of what things will be like without a free Internet, PriceTree has launched a Chrome extension, in a bit to raise awareness about the need for Net Neutrality in India.
All curious users need to do is download and install the extension on a PC running Google’s Chrome browser, and visit e-commerce website Doing so shows an extreme version of what Net Neutrality Violations might look like.
Go ahead, give it a spin, and if you feel moved in anyway, join the stand for Net Neutrality in India.

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