Firefox is the new IE, Chrome is the new Firefox and Opera is still Opera


Firefox is the new IE, Chrome is the new Firefox and Opera is still Opera

Firefox recently celebrated the Billionth download, and what’s interesting is that the month old Firefox 3.5 has captured 4.5% of the browser market share.

But these are stats.

What’s really happening with Firefox is that it is slowly becoming the bloated IE, while sleek and sexy Chrome is turning as the new Firefox.

Chrome’s recently launched beta claims a performance improvement of 30%. I did try out the beta version and let me tell you this – it’s a much better experience than Firefox. It’s not yet bloated because there aren’t plugins to play with; and the propensity to confuse user is very minimal.

On the other hand, Firefox crashes so frequently (heck! some of the plugin updates are 1MB+), while Chrome’s focus on performance and simplicity is surely creating a differentiation in the market.

Doesnt’ Chrome remind you of the good old Firefox, when it was less bulky?

What has been your experience with FF lately?

What about Opera? The latest release, Opera 10 offers some very cool features (Turbo etc) and is a must try. But being in the browser market for so long, Opera hasn’t managed to expand it’s ecosystem (read: plugins) and that shows up in it’s market share.

What’s your opinion?Which browser do you use?

[Note: Title has been inspired from Jeremy’s post]

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