Chrome on Android, heading for stardom already?

Picture courtesy: The Business Insider

Google’s Chrome browser overtook Mozilla’s Firefox to be the world’s second most popular browser last year. And now Google launches the Chrome for Android and it seems its already heading towards stardom.

Chrome Beta for Android is fast, its user interface is innovative, and it offers a unique form of syncing between a mobile device and desktop PC. Notable features of the software include the capacity for tabbed browsing, the option to browse the web in “incognito mode,” accelerated page loading, and the ability to sync bookmarks and passwords between users’ other devices on which they use the Chrome browser.

“Even in beta, it’s a compelling browser at least on the Galaxy Nexus I tried it on, and it’s and a much better match for Apple’s Safari on iOS,” Stephen Shankland wrote in a review of the software for CNET. “And eventually, its success is all but assured when it simply becomes what ships with Android.”

According to the feedback by the early users in the Android Market, people on average gave it a 4.2 rating out of 5, which in fact is very good considering it is still in Beta.

Unfortunately, Chrome is only available for people using the latest version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Ice Cream Sandwich is only on a few devices, none of which is available in India. Basically, we in India will have to wait a little while longer till we can actually start using Chrome on Android. Moreover, India is not officially on the list of countries that Google lists as being supported for this right now. A few other downsides users reported was that there is no way to control whether the requested page opens in the desktop version or the mobile version. Also, there is no support for Flash and Flash for Android doesn’t seem to do the work either.

Well, none the less, it is still in Beta. We do expect a lot from Google, if these issues are fixed, we feel Chrome should soon find its way to the top of the mobile web browser chart too.

You can check out a few screenshots here.

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