Indian Game Circulets by Hashstash Makes it to First iOS Indie Bundle

HashstashCirculets, a game developed by Indie developers Hashstash has been included in the first iOS Indie discount bundle, the Thumb Arcade Indie Game Bundle for iPhone.

The Thumb Arcade Indie Game Bundle for iPhone includes ten games, multiple award winners and featured titles, at a 79% discount. The bundle has a retail value of $23.90 and is currently on sale for $5 (50 cents for each app).

The iOS platform has not been much a part of the bundled application wave and according to Hashstash, this is the first Indie game bundle available for the iOS. Discount bundles are usually seen only for the desktops and Android platform devices. These bundles are a good way to help small developers raise money and get exposure.

“Circulets was released in May this year and it went on to win the ‘Most Innovative’ game award at Casual Connect Asia 2013 in the same month. Since, then we have been slugging it out at a $0 budget,” Kinshuk Sunil, the founder of Hashtash Studios told NextBigWhat in an e-mail.

This game bundle includes award winning and Apple featured titles Sentinel 3: Homeworld, Forever Lost: Episode 1, Circulets, Angry Robot: Wall Street Titan, Kill the Clowns, Dragon Siege, War of Words, Fruits’n Tails, IncrediBlox, Chicks Ahead, along with bonus game art and an option to support the charity, One Day’s Wages. The bundle is available for users on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or any other internet connected device.

iPhone Indie Game Bundle

Circulets was released on May 9th, 2013 and was awarded the ‘Most Innovative’ game award at Casual Connect Asia 2013. Hashstash is an independent game development studio based in New Delhi, India which makes  games for mobile and the desktop platforms.

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