The smartphone should be the 207th bone for Generation Y [Cisco Connected World Technology report]

More than two out of five would feel “anxious, like part of me was missing,” if they couldn’t check their smartphones constantly, according to a new survey.

There are 206 bones in the human body, and the smartphone should be considered the 207th bone for Generation Y, the report by networking giant Cisco said.

The survey was conducted across 1800 college students and workers aged between 18-30 in about 100 countries including India.

Asked to choose between a smart phone and a laptop, for every one person who chose a laptop, three preferred smartphones.
For 90 % of the respondents, the first thing to do in in the morning was to check smartphone.

Three out of four people used smartphones in the bed, one out of three in the bathroom, half of them while having meals with family and friends and one out of five on the road while driving.

Nine out of ten had a Facebook account, more than one out of five update Facebook several times a day and one in 10 have Facebook always up.

Cisco Connected World Technology Report 2012

Almost 90 % upload photos to share or store on the Internet, 62 % upload videos, 56 % have a Twitter account, 21 % tweet at least once a day.

Nine out of 10 shop online, 57 % will share e-mail to get discount, 3 out of 5 rely on customer reviews for online shopping and 75 % do not trust most sites to keep data secure. Full report here (pdf).