With Citrus Pay’s New Wallet App You Won’t Have to Scurry For Loose Change Anymore

Citrus Cash by Citrus Pay is a peer to peer e-wallet service in its true sense. Whether it is splitting a restaurant bill or paying as low as Rs 1 to a friend, Citrus Cash will help you in these situations.

Citrus Pay LogoThere are many instances in our lives where the lack of change or a small amount of cash can be a problem. Like borrowing cash from you friends because you forgot your wallet at home or because you did not have change for Rs 500. Mumbai based payment solutions company Citrus Pay has launched an application that wants to solve these problems.

Citrus Payment Solutions has been trying to understand what users want from payment solutions and aim to fulfill those needs. With Citrus Cash, their newly launched app, the company hopes that a lot of those problems can be taken care off.

Whether it is splitting a restaurant bill or paying as low as Rs 1 to a friend, Citrus Cash will help you in these situations. You can load upto Rs 10,000 per month into your Citrus account and use it wherever you go.

The Citrus Cash App

To use the app all you need to do is sign up at citruspay.com for an account or download the Citrus app. Then you can load money into the e-wallet app via a credit card, debit card, or directly from your bank account. Transfer the money ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 10,000 directly from your e-wallet app to friends, colleagues, or others.

The app not only lets you load money and use it for payments, but also allows you to transfer it back to your specified bank account at anytime.

You can transfer money to other users using their email address, even if they do not have the app installed on their Android smartphones. To receive the money all they have to do is signup for the account using their mobile number and the email address.

The app allows you to remind users from your contact book about money borrowed.

Death of chutta

The e-wallet app has a simple interface with all the basic functions that most users are looking for, like loading funds, sending funds to other users, requesting for funds from other users, transferring funds back to their registered bank accounts, and also access to payment history.

The app is an e-wallet in its true sense since it allows peer-to-peer transfer of funds.

On the UI front, the app could do with a little more refinement as figuring out the location of various functions takes a little time. The service has also tied up with companies, like Indigo Airlines, Airtel, Pepperfry, Sun Direct etc, to enable faster checkouts.

One of the limitations I see in the app currently is the limitation in the number of banks from which funds can be transferred to the app via netbanking. A simple workaround this issue is by using your debit or credit card.

Citrus Payment Solutions, founded in 2011, has been trying to make digital payments and online checkout easier. The company founded by Satyen V Kothari and Jitendra Gupta had crossed a total of 12 million transactions in January 2014.

The company recently raised $5.5 mn from Econtext Asia and Beenos Asia, two Japanese companies, along with existing investors.

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