Paying Bills Made Easy With The New Citrus Cube App

Credit card bill, phone bill, gas bill, rent, the list goes on. As we sign up for an ever increasing number of services, it’s a daunting task to keep track of recurring payments regardless of how small or big they may be.
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Solving this problem is an app called Citrus Cube that can track, pay and remind users of their bills, helping them avoid the penalties incurred due to late payments. Apart from this, the app also serves as a great platform to keep an eye on spending.
Created by Citrus Payment Solutions, the Citrus Cube app allows users to plan and manage bills even when they’re offline. The app lets users make custom reminders, creates graphs with which they can track spending habits and automatically adds reminders for payments made by users.

Making Things Easy

Citrus Cube
Using the app is straightforward. Download if from either the Google Play Store or Apple’s AppStore, install it on your smartphone, and go through the sign up procedure. Entering the app, users are greeted with a screen where some of the most common bill payment types are listed. Users can also create custom payment reminders.
The bottom half of the screen houses a counter showing users how many payments are ‘Late’, ‘Due this week’ and ‘Paid this month’. The app is stripped down to aid ease of use, removing anything that can make it hard to use or could distract users from the mundane task of paying their bills.
When it comes to making transactions, there’s the element of safety that comes into the picture. The developers of Citrus Cube say that it is PCI-DSS compliant and all transactions done via the app are transmitted and backed by 128 bit encryption. Moreover, the app is completely free for Android and iOS platforms, while a version for Windows Phone isn’t available yet.

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