India’s First Civic Crowdfunding Platform, Fund for Unity Launched

Gurajat government has launched Fund for Unity, India’s first civic crowdfunding platform that facilitates public funding and participation in community development projects.

Fund for Unity is a digital initiative under the umbrella of the Statue of Unity project, and seeks individual public and private philanthropic funds for enhancing the social and physical infrastructure, and the HDI, in backward regions of Gujarat.

It is an interactive platform which can host fundraising campaigns for multiple projects. It provides a secure, socially connected, end-to-end user experience where a potential contributor can browse through listed projects, understand their respective value propositions, and contribute funds in Indian currency to the projects of their choice via a secure integrated payment gateway. Contributions made on this platform are eligible for exemption at 50% under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act of India.

All projects listed on Fund for Unity are initiated and managed by entities validated by the Government of Gujarat. Through this platform, people from all walks of life can contribute funds to projects they see merit in, and work with the government to enhance the quality of life of communities they live in and care for.

Upon registering at Fund for Unity, users can view statistical information about the implementation, effectiveness and reach of projects they have supported on their personal dashboards. All projects will feature regular updates on implementation, thereby ensuring full accountability to contributors.

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