World Environment Day and a Look at Few CleanTech startups

Table of Contents Hide HycaGreenobinDailyDumpD.Light DesignGreentech India Opportunities Today is world environment day and we bring you few cleantech startups focused on India. Hyca HyCa Technologies has built a patent…

Today is world environment day and we bring you few cleantech startups focused on India.


HyCa Technologies has built a patent pending reactor, HyCator™ that uses energy dissipated by collapsing cavitation bubbles to modulate physical and chemical processes (and eliminate unwanted liquid-based micro-organisms such as algae, bacteria or fungi)

‘HyCator™ Reactor System reduces chemicals usage, saves water, speeds up processing time, is maintenance free, requires no operational supervision, saves energy and can be retrofitted and combined with any existing system and technology to make an order of magnitude overall efficiency improvement. ‘


Greenobin is a Gurgaon based startup that is focused on collecting paper waste and market the same to paper recycling plants for further use.

Greenobin’s services include:

  • Office Recycling
    GreenoBin manages the waste, recycling and collection of a wide range of office items and even conducts waste audit.
  • Security Shredding
    Secure Paper confidential waste management service destroys all your confidential material
  • Recycling Bins
    Helps you organise and manage your office recycling easily. Proper bins make sure that your recycling is sorted easily and security bins are available to keep any confidential waste secure until Greenobin collect it for security shredding.


DailyDump helps you manage your household waste and convert it to useful high-quality compost.

Basically, any waste can be converted to compost which, in turn keeps us green (has other advantages as well).

For environment friendly, DailyDump offers several products/composters (Gamla/Khambha etc) and one can also buy their service plans.

Bangalore based startup is also working on enterprise services – like composter for restaurants/malls, as well as flats etc

D.Light Design

d.light design is dedicated to bringing modern lighting and power to over 1.6 billion people globally currently living without electricity. We aim to be the #1 player in off-grid lighting and power solutions worldwide. We are a high volume manufacturer customized design house.

Greentech India Opportunities

Vinod Khosla on Future of Cleantech Innovation

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