Bitcoin Roundup: ClearTax Experimenting With Bitcoins; Coinsecure Acquired

ClearTax, a startup which offers Income Tax Return e-Filing on its website, is giving away Bitcoins to its users as part of its referral program.

All a user has to do is refer friends and family to score some bitcoin.

“While we offer Rs. 20 mobile recharge to every user who refers another user, we offer three times that value in BTC (bitcoin). We are giving away $1 (Rs. 60) worth of Bitcoin for every successful referral! It’ll be interesting to see how many people are interested in Bitcoin vs a mobile recharge. We are also giving three times the value in Bitcoin. This for us is an experiment as we are very excited about Bitcoin in ClearTax. Savvy users will prefer to take bitcoin and they can trade it online or convert it to cash if they want!” [Archit Gupta, ClearTax]

Cleartax Giving Away Bitcoins
Cleartax Giving Away Bitcoins

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Coinsecure has been acquired by a Delhi-based industrialist, Mohit Kalra, who joins as CEO & Co-founder. Coinsecure now sets forward to chart out its next-generation offerings for the Bitcoin ecosystem in India.

“We are set to launch a block explorer for India over the next few weeks. And many more explosive builds to follow. Coinsecure aims to tackle several challenges that have supressed the progress of growth within the Indian ecosystem. We aim to design a wide range of software and hardware that caters to every Bitcoiner’s need.”

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