bigMobility : Mobile Drives 43% Traffic and 30% Transactions On Cleartrip


bigMobility : Mobile Drives 43% Traffic and 30% Transactions On Cleartrip

For Cleartrip, mobile stands at 43% of overall traffic and drives 30% transactions.Cleartrip

Tablets And Travel

Tablet traffic grew by 21% along with the adoption of the iPad app. Some key takeaways:

  • iOS users indicated more preference for convenience with higher utilization of pay@hotel, “hotels near me” feature as well as 4*/5* filters
  • While Android users in contrast used more utility functions like price & location.

Hotels as a category continued to grow the most on the mobile channel, with almost 92% increase in transactions QoQ. The mobile conversion rate for hotels, which was almost similar to the desktop conversion rate within, 9-months of launch of hotels on the Cleartrip app.
This increase in conversion was also fuelled by the usage of mobile as a main-stream option for future travel (and not only last minute travel).

Samsung Vs. Apple

While the share of traffic growth was relatively flat for Apple in Q2’14 (vs. Q1’14), Samsung did gain 1%pt absolute share of traffic in the same time-frame while Sony & Motorola also grew a share point of traffic each with their respective new device launches. (Moto E, Moto G and Sony Experia M bolstered the traffic growth for these companies).

Android Vs. iOS

Android grew 9%pt share, while iOS declined in traffic share (though the iOS absolute numbers were flat).

  • iOS 7 was the most used iOS version in Q2’14 but with the launch of iOS 8 the migration has been notably fast (as of Oct 9th, already 44% of daily traffic is coming from iOS 8+).
  • Within the Android OS, KitKat continued its increase to 27 % of share of traffic.

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