Useful Resources: Click Measurement Guidelines, Why Google’s Radio Advertising Failed..and more

IAB releases Click Measurement Guidelines, Establishes Parameters for Counting Valid Clicks, Filtering Fraudulent Clicks

These guidelines are meant to establish the minimum acceptable counting procedures for the media buying currency “clicks”. The guidelines are focused on when a click will count – the actual revenue  event. As with all measurement standards, click counting organizations including search engine providers, publishers and networks may choose to offer additional enhancements to these guidelines  for competitive differentiation, so long as they fully disclose these features while meeting the minimum accepted guidelines. – Download it here

Ignore Sunk cost

The most important decision-making rule you learn in business school is still largely misunderstood.

When making a choice between two options, only consider what’s going to happen in the future, not which investments you’ve made in the past. The past investments are over, lost, gone forever. They are irrelevant to the future.  – Seth Godin

Radio Tunes Out Google in Rare Miss for Web Titan

..the radio effort failed because Google never came up with a good way to measure listener response. On the Web, he explained, Google can charge advertisers based on performance — that is, how many times users click on an ad. “But in the audio case, there wasn’t a good signal back to us about which ads performed.” – More

History of Fonts

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