[Pluggd.in Deal For Startups] $294 worth of Live Chat Service For…$0!

Pluggd.in deal section is back with another exclusive deal for entrepreneurs – $294 worth of Live Chat Service for $0!!

The Fine Print

Sign-up to ClickDesk using this link and get 6 month usage of Plus plan absolutely FREE. Give the power of live chat support to your website with 5 agents, unlimited chats, plug-ins, and 99% up-time SLA. All at no cost!. [more details/T&C etc here.]

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What Is ClickDesk?

ClickDesk is a chat support tool for websites. Although there are many live chat support services available but what sets ClickDesk apart is that it integrates text and voice chat on any website with 3-4 lines of HTML code allowing live agents to chat directly with their website visitors from their IM window.

Users in over 40 counties can call local numbers or click to call from the browser and support agents can receive calls at a single access point. Eg: Customer in London calls a local number in London to reach a company in India.

One major problem with live chat tools is delayed responses/updates for the users, ClickDesk claims to solve this problem through browser push with almost real time updates. The chat windows are completely customizable for the users. ClickDesk uses Google Cloud and Amazon CDN to facilitate 99.5% uptime guarantee. Open Source chat support tools like Crafty Syntax are popular with Indian sites but managing multiple users becomes a bit cumbersome for agents.
ClickDesk is free for one-agent plan for startups and individuals. Multi agent version are priced from $10-$30/agent based on the options such as SSL support, archiving support, transfer/conferencing capabilities, priority support etc.

Do install ClickDesk for your site and let us know the experience. Which tool do you use for chat support?

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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