Climate Change : Have you ever thought about what your kids might have to endure!

Why this story
Many of us have experienced the harrowing effects of climate change already this year, from the searing heat waves to torrential rains. Some have not been so lucky as to read and discuss ephemerally of these instances, they became history with those instances. Instead of hashtags and memes, we need to collectively start acting, it’s now or never!
All of us have either kids or in some time in future would have kids. While some us have been fortunate to escape the sudden fury of nature, our children are experiencing it now and unless we act, it is going to be apocalyptic for them in future. If for nothing else, but for the love of our kids, we need to start acting.
A group of teenagers, are putting to use the right might of social media to form a group of environmentally conscious coalition nationally in US, so aptly called “Zero Hour”.

“In our generation when we talk about climate change, they’re like: ‘Ha ha, that’s so funny. It’s not something we’ll have to deal with,’” said Nadia Nazar, Zero Hour’s art director. “‘Oh, yeah, the polar bears will just die, the seas will just rise.’ They don’t understand the actual caliber of the destruction.”

The group is building off the momentum of other recent youth-led movements, such as the nationwide March for Our Lives rallies against gun violence.

What of this story?
What we can do in order to fight climate change? It all starts with a single individual. Use AC at home for a hour less. Use public transport (however broken it may be) for one day in a week. Would you?

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