ClipWeave -Video Analytics Solution To Help You Monetize Better is a Noida based video analytics startup that helps extract information from videos so that it can be used for better targeting and monetization. Clipweave claims to use proprietary technology to extract text (credits, ticker, subtitles etc), convert speech-to-text, detect a change of scene etc. from videos. Such information can be used for better Indexing and SEO of videos and also for inserting contextual ads.Clipweave

Clipweave is targeted as a enterprise solution for Video Publishers and Video ad networks. Such technologies cannot be 100% percent accurate but even by partially automating the whole process of video tagging, cost and turn around time could be reduced. Youtube recently introduced captions for videos which is ultimately aimed to provide the same solution as Clipweave but Youtube is only concentrating on the audio part of the clip where as Clipweave’s solution needs to dig deep into the visuals, analysing every frame.

One challenge in acquiring clients, which the founding team is aware of, is the cheap work force available in developing countries like India where the whole process can be done manually at a very low cost. Already companies like Castingwords are outsourcing such tasks over Mturk at low price but surely with help of automation the prices can be brought down further.

If you are a video publishing platform or an ad network Clipweave’s technology can be of great help to you.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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