Harness The Power of Cloud On Your Android Device [The AppNomy List]

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Cloud seems to be the buzz word today and everyone wants their data to be available across multiple devices and at multiple locations anytime they want. Cloud power play an important role in increasing the productivity of users by letting them have access to their data anywhere, anytime. Although there are lots of apps that are available currently and allow you to sync data across devices, we pick out some of the top apps. Here’s how our list goes.

1) Google Docs
There are many apps that provide document syncing but none as comprehensive as this one. The ability to use your phone’s integrated account with Google to sync and edit documents while on the move is awesome. Add to this another cool feature, Optical Character Recognition! Just click a snap of any paper document and upload it to your Google Docs account and it will recognize the text from the snap and convert it to a compatible format, ready for editing. Although the results of OCR may vary and it is generally 95% accurate, it will surely save a lot of typing time.

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2) SugarSync

There are many services for syncing files across desktops and laptops but this one takes it a step further . We don’t just want our devices synced but we need the right information synced with the right device. Sugar Sync will let you sync your chosen folders, files, music, photos etc and you get to choose what gets synced with which device. The app is simple to use and offers deep integration with the system. This means you can easily click a snap anywhere you are and just share it via the integrated share option on your Android phone. The main advantage of this app is the number of platforms it supports. Just awesome.

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Download Link : Link.

3) Evernote
Evernote is a notes application for those who love to set reminders and tags and look at things in their free time. The app integrates well with the Android system and makes for easy sharing of all types of files to your evernote account, this account can be accessed over a pc too! The app lets you add attachments, photos, voice notes, tags to your notes making it an all in one solution for notes.

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Download Link : Link.

4) Ubuntu One files and Ubuntu One Music.
This one is specially for the open source lovers. Ubuntu’s cloud file storage is now available for your Android phones too! What’s more, it offers a Cloud based streaming music player for a subscription fee, straight to your device. The Ubuntu One Music store also offers music for purchase. Once purchased, the music will sync to your personal cloud storage too. A cool combinational app if there ever was one.

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Download Link : Link.

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