For an Enterprise Thinking Cloud : Must Read for the CXOs [#Curated]


For an Enterprise Thinking Cloud : Must Read for the CXOs [#Curated]

Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud?

The IT dilemma faced by most enterprises today is in answering the question of the right Cloud strategy. While the case for a small enterprise is pretty much settled with public cloud. The future for the large ones too might be the same. Below is a good read on why the private cloud implementations do not come close to the possibilities on the public.

The End of Private Cloud – CloudBuzz, John Treadway

I have seen dozens of private cloud efforts by many large customers. Most are pretty weak shells of a cloud, not coming close to the economics or capabilities of even 2nd or 3rd tier public clouds. Comparing them to AWS, Azure or Google is like comparing my art work to a Picasso or Rembrandt. The only similarity is that I can still call mine art even if it’s atrocious. I can still call your cloud a cloud too – even if it’s expensive, inelastic, and lacking anything but the most basic of features. Some will be reasonable, but in the long run it’s a game you cannot win.

But if you must go for a private cloud strategy, here are some potential pitfalls you might want to look out for:

5 Private Cloud Pitfalls – Jake Gardner

Whether you are thinking about security, compliance, or performance, there are reasons to go to private cloud. However, related to understanding your workload necessities, if you need to speedily spin up resources at a tremendous scale, then private cloud is probably not the right choice.

There are many enterprises that look to transition from a private to public or gain the benefit of both worlds by adopting the hybrid cloud strategy. This might be counter productive according to the following article:

Are Hybrid clouds just a fear of commitment? – David S Linthicum

If you’re promoting a hybrid cloud strategy, the truth is that you’re putting off leveraging either private or public technologies for as long as you can.

And here is a nice infographic on the Cloud growth trends and a break-up of the market share.
Cloud Computing Growth Infographic

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