Developers, Say NO to Emulators. Meet pCloudy [bigMobilityConf Demo #7]

pCloudy-lgoWho needs emulators any more? pCloudy is a test environment on the cloud for developers. The cloud based platform covers over 9 versions of Android (iPhone in the pipeline), more than 8 screen resolutions, over 10 display sizes and more than 5 aspect rations for developers to test a website or an app using the browser.

With a growing number of operating systems, ever changing screen sizes and resolutions on new mobile devices that are launched almost every other day, it doesn’t make sense for developers to buy actual devices or many different emulators to test their applications. The platform comes with collaboration features. This makes life much easier, especially for distributed teams working on same applications.

pCloudy was founded earlier this year by Bhavesh Bhojani, Jaffer Sadhiq and Anil Adireddi who have worked in companies such as Nokia, Yahoo, Sasken, Samsung and Accenture.

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