Phreaking is back! Not the blue box of course

Phreaking is back! Not the blue box of course.

The folks at cloud telephony startup Exotel have been sharing their API with some really cool hackers to get them to make interesting stuff. And make they did. Akash Manohar, a hacker from Bangalore has come up with a nice one– nothing serious mind you. Then why do it? Because its fun!Exotel Hack 1

Manohar’s hack is simple. Punch in your telephone number and find the hidden music in your number. You can try the hack here. Akash used an open source MiD library and has hosted the code on GitHub.

He’s also done another hack, a little more serious this time. The hack helps you identify if a particular phone number is on the do not disturb directory, which telecom operator it belongs to and which state is it from. Try it here.Exotel Hack 2

These are simple yet fun examples. You could build complex hacks on the API. You can build a voice based Foursquare or Quora. Or even do something dead serious like this. If you feel like hacking on Exotel’s API, hit them up on Twitter.

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