CloudPact Connects Your Mobile Workforce With Cross Platform Solution

CloudPact, helps enterprises connect their mobile work force and their enterprise systems through task flows with a comprehensive mobile solution. It is an enterprise HTML5 native app publisher coupled with a powerful Cloud based IDE & complete team development support.cloudpact

Features of cross platform mobile app are:

  • Task flows to enable quick decision making with states and escalation built in.
  • Native mobile UI widgets: CloudPact provides out-of-box mobile UI look and feel, window task management and a full set of mobile UI widgets to help your team deliver the right mobile UI experience for your users.
  • Device integrated widgets to leverage phone features such as camera, contacts, file system etc.
  • Cloud Development environment with complete DTP application life cycle management and team development.
  • Flight mode smart to ensure users can conduct business irrespective of their mobile connection.
    The key here is the ability to deal with the fact that mobile workers need not necessarily always be online. They might be on a flight or the data connectivity can drop, then it is not possible to connect to enterprise systems. They should be able to get their work done in spite of these situations. CloudPact makes this possible by giving you hassle free offline data support which allows offline transactions and automatic data synchronization, when the user comes online.
  • Secure around the clock with data protection, secure connections and remote data wipe.
  • Window task management to make mobile app development easy and productive.
  • Smooth enterprise connectivity.
    CloudPact helps enterprise programmers to connect to their enterprise systems using standard web service technology by providing the right tools to achieve web service connectivity.


CloudPact comes enabled with complete app life cycle management across development, test and production deployment. Each cloud developer is able to work in a completely isolated DTP environment as an individual developer, for an integrated test environment and finally for production deployment.

Given the rise of tablet/mobile usage in the enterprise teams (especially sales force), CloudPact has a big opportunity ahead – but the key here is to already have few standard connectors (and sell it as a package), so that enterprise need not start from scratch.

Watch out this demo video for more details on CloudPact:

PS: CloudPact was a finalist at Appnomy Conference.

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