COAI Says Its #SabkaInternet Campaign Garnered Support From 40 Lakh People

The COAI has announced that its ‘Sabka Internet, Sabka Vikas’ campaign that roots for net neutrality while promoting zero rating services has received support from over 40 lakh Indian mobile users in under a week.
Sabke Internet
The campaign which launched on April 22 received a lot of flak from net neutrality activists and the public for not being straightforward, and that the COAI was deceiving users into supporting services such as Airtel Zero.
The COAI used SMS and voice calls to gather the public’s support, and says it intentionally used the medium in order to reach users who might not yet have access to the Internet.
It might seem like the COAI is calling out a non-internet user’s voice in the anti-zero rating protests, since most of the campaigns were carried out online.
The COAI added that over 40 lakh people showed support for the cause, while a little over 10% chose to opt out. Further, the database of supporters is auditable on request by appropriate agencies, making sure we don’t have another fiasco such as TRAI’s email id release.

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