: A collaborative tool for geeks to hang around and have coffee [Built by 18 year old geek]

You know that you are in for an interesting time when a startup founder insists on having the conversation over instant messages than talking over phone. Meet 18 year old Pulkit Madan, founder of, a collaborative tool for coders.

Brainchild of the teenager, (read coffee dot i o) was the outcome of Pulkit realizing the pain in collaboration during coding with other freelancers on projects. The constant back and forth resulted in him building as a project.

It seems extraordinary when you factor in that Pulkit has been independently building the product from scratch. He began working on it in September of this year and by the end of October, we have what now exists as Everything from the backend development of the product to the design elements is his sole workmanship.

One might surmise that Pulkit’s entrepreneurial journey started with But it began much earlier when he was forced to leave formal schooling due to a medical condition and had to join open school. What could have been a roadblock turned into his entrepreneurial journey as his passion for coding was now rekindled.

Currently in his 12th grade, Pulkit spends his typical day coding extensively either on his personal projects like or freelancing as a web designer. is definitely a mature product in a lot of different aspects. Operating in the beta phase, supports 75 different languages (including the usual array of Java, C++ and Python). The first time users are greeted to a dashboard having all of their projects listed in a visual manner, they can then move on to create a new project after just mentioning the languages being used and adding a title to it.

The project can be shared via a quick link for fellow collaborators and in the active project window the users can also see the participants online. The ability to download code is particularly helpful.

Apart from the project window, there is a posts option. Which are basically snippets of code or updates shared by all members of the community with one another. Then there are the usual settings option to change the profile and background images followed by an option to create a database either in MySQL or MongoDB.

The interface is clever and minimal and does a pretty good job of doing what it promises. Basic collaboration is in place with more features and releases in pipeline. Unlike other products, with focus on one aspect of the product (technical or visual), does a good job of both. The entire funding for the project comes from Pulkit’s father who has been supporting his passion.

Future Plans

The product is no way finished and what impresses us was the eagerness of Pulkit to iterate the product. So much so, that less than an hour after our call we got a message from him updating us on the problems we ran into during the testing phase.

In the coming months, Pulkit will be focusing on fine tuning various elements of the product. The ability to sell code created on is something he is working on. Along with that, having virtual machines in place for WordPress developers and having a commenting tool for collaborators to edit code is also in the pipeline.

Collaboration will also be taken a step ahead by allowing users to direct message each other and allow access via email addresses, which comes in handy when a freelancer wants to provide limited access to a client or third party.

We see a great product in making, hit the link to try out for yourself and share your comment/feedback.

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