Your Name On A Bottle : How Coke combined data science and marketing to send message in a bottle

The second most precious gift with which we are endowed after we are born is our name.

While the first one gives us life, this second gift gives us an identity. And the curiously, the identity sticks even when we are no more!

This identity or name thing is so integral to our existence, that it always heightens our ‘dearness quotient’, whenever we see it at some place. It could be the building with a same name, a restaurant, a store, or on a Starbucks coffee cup, or may be even on a bottle.

Some long time back we used to send love and care through ‘message in a bottle’, in today’s world, we could send love through ‘message on a bottle’. Specially the companies which sell anything in a bottle.

Coke or Coca Cola, the way you prefer it, has combined data science and marketing in a novel way to send customers the message of love on a bottle. The place where logo is usually printed, Coke printed some of the common names on it’s bottle. The campaign runs in several countries.

600 ml bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero were selected for this campaign.In the U.S. the bottles featured both first and last names. More than 1,000 first and last names were available, with nearly 200 last names included.

Message is simple from The Coca Cola Company, we love customers as dearly as we love the product and the company. It was a message which endeared all, specially those lucky ones who found their names on Coke bottles.

Coca-Cola ‘Share a Coke’ campaign saw the beverage maker pick the most popular names among likely soda drinkers in Britain, and printed them where its iconic logo is usually placed.The list by analysing data on the 19- to 29-year-old demographic, including gender and ethnicity.

The feeling could be just beyond words, when one sees a Coke bottle with her name on it. One would like to buy as many as one can. The way data science and marketing can merge to produce delightful results, which creates memories forever.

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