The Art of Cold Emailing: Here is how to do it

You think cold emails do not work? That it will (for sure) lead to rejection? Read on this interesting perspective by Misbah.

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1/a You have nothing to lose – What we fear doing the most is usually what we need to do. A person’s success in life can usually be measured by number of uncomfortable conversations he/she is willing to have. I got into this habit by attempting to contact people I admire.
2/a Learn the art of 30-second glimpse – The subject of your email is incredibly important. Nobody has much time to go through everything they get in their mailbox. You have to be smart while sending your email.
3/ Research well before sending mail to anybody – It is very important to know who you are writing the email. This might seem obvious, but it’s not executed very well in 90 % of the emails I’ve received in the last 6 years. An impersonal, vague, bland email won’t get you very far

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