Collaborate with your remote team on the interactive whiteboard using Deskle’s endless screens

Deskle is an interactive visual platform that lets you collaborate in a remote team seamlessly with an endless screen. It comes with a multitude of tools for solving various tasks and keep the whole team in sync with your common goals

It lets you organize distance learning in a few clicks, build an all in one whiteboard for managing  joint work on a project, brainstorm new ideas or even present a business plan to an investor. Deskle is trusted by over 7000 teams across 53 countries due to its friendly interface and gratifying user experience.



  • Deskle gives you the required tools to significantly improve team efficiency and productivity.
  • You can quickly create layouts and schemes on any topic of your liking. The number of suggested templates will help you to solve the task easily.
  • It also lets you make profound marketing analysis or do educational research – add images, files, tables, or videos on a board or build graphics.
  • On Deskle, besides using multiple tools and templates, you can also video chat with your team and screencast with unlimited boards and receive a quick response.
  • It also allows you to collaborate with several third-party tools such as Slack, Trello, Dropbox, and many more without any trouble.
  • Plans on Deskle start from as low as $4/user/month

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