CollaborateCloud Brings the Power of Apps & Task Management To The Enterprise

Managers who handle large teams usually have a giant mess on their hands. There are too many Excel sheets, conference calls, e-mails and a bunch of other things. A few smart ones living in the present figure out a way to make their lives easier. And the rest, live in the Ice Age.

We’ve tried a bunch of productivity tools at NextBigWhat. From Yammer to Do and Asana, we’ve given them all a go. A decent task management system can solve most of your worries. But if you need to take collaboration to the next level, you might need something more powerful.Collaborate Cloud Logo

You can invite your colleagues to the network and create different workgroups for different teams. Like for instance, the sales team could have a sales workroom and the content team could have a content workroom.

On logging in, a user sees an activity feed, contact lists, file browser and a task management tool. The task management tool is like what you have on Do or Asana. Creating a task is easy. You can assign it to yourselves or delegate it to a co-worker. Each task can also have a subtask so you can tackle a big task in bits.

CollaborateCloud is one such solution we came across recently. The Bangalore based startup is a social work management platform which will springboard you into the future. On signing up, you get a microsite where you see your home interface.

What really makes a difference here is the app builder. With this, you can create apps that perform certain functions and install it on certain workrooms.

Collaborate Cloud
You can add a workflow to an app

An app you’ve created using their drag and drop interface, could have different functions. For instance, you could create an app into which the lead generation team can input name and number of a lead and it can then automatically assign a task to the sales team to follow up on the lead. This makes CollaborateCloud a powerful tool. The only downside is that someone will have to help first time users set it up.

In a typical office, not too many people would want to publicly share what they are working on or comment on what others are working on so we aren’t sure how useful the activity feed is. But yes, a team that talks to each other a lot and a company that encourages such a culture might find it useful.

CollabateCloud costs $8 a month for business users and is free up to five users.

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