Remindo – Your Company has a new Intranet

We covered Remindo way back in 2008 and the company, initially started with social network tool for employees (more of personalized place) and has now launched the revamped version of the product that is more modeled on being the intranet of the company.

Register and create your company branded intranet page (mandates that you register using your company email id) and once you add team members, create projects and start adding milestone/tasks for each member. Each project gets it’s own share of discussion area/task planning etc. and as a team member, your work calendar is the dashboard/starting point for the day (hosts all the tasks)


Remindo borrows it’s interface from Twitter/Facebook and to me, that’s the most apt way to get started when it comes to building social software for enterprise market (these users are anyways using FB/Twitter, so make it simple for them to use your software).

Remindo offers 3G of free storage (for each intranet) and uses Amazon Web Services and is secured by VeriSign SSL.

While this is new launch, Remindo needs to clearly define the market segment – if they are approaching small busineseses, do they really want to pitch in as ‘The Intranet? If yes, you need connectors to speak to several in-house systems (HR/ERP/CRM etc). From what I could see, Remindo is more of a project management tool (see this grand list of online project management tool) than ‘the intranet’ (which is the current positioning)– and is fit for advertising agencies and freelancers (and the likes).

Do give Remindo a spin and share your comments.

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