Interview with GreenCD team on their approach towards combating Piracy..and more

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Interview with GreenCD team on their approach towards combating Piracy..and more

We covered GreenCD a few days back and here is an interesting interview with GSEC1 team. The interview was conducted by Rachita (guest author).

About GreenCD

The GreenCD will be an internet based “production house” for the music/movie and software industries.   This innovative product will be a solution that will change the market demand from a speculative model to an on-demand business model. Working in conjunction with the GreenCD, this Company intends to develop Anti-Piracy software that will control piracy on the optical and digital music/movie media. 

Following please find poignant facts from our interview with Kumar Ritesh, one of the founders of the company.

Tell us about GSEC1 Information Systems?

GSEC1 information Systems was founded by a group of talented IT Software/Management professionals in June 2008.

We are versatile, innovative, diversified – small but smart.

Tell us about the Green CD, what’s so special about it and why do you think we need it.

Everyone, no matter what industry sector, is watching their pockets and sticking to tight budgets.   There does however seem to be an exception and that is in the Entertainment Industry with its flamboyant ethics.   And due to its flamboyancy and extravagant way of marketing this industry, it has had a life changing effect on every walk of life in one way or another.   It is an integral part of day to day lifestyle.   Its ever increasing popularity, in whatever shape or form, is here to stay.

This is why we are aiming our unique service and product at the entertainment industry, with particular emphasis on the mus ic sector.   Advancement in computer systems in various formats has made accessibility to music so easy.   From initial stages of making music to cleaning it up, from accessibility to managing the business, Information Technology is an inherent part of the industry.   Music labels worldwide rely totally on IT based platforms to manage their entire business operation; including music software development, research and marketing; hardware production; inventories and supply chain management; finance and retailing.

What’s the value proposition of your solution, how different is it from existing model

We are talking about supply and demand, the foundation of any profit making business.   There is no point in producing something when there is no demand for it, or over producing when there is little demand.   This is the basic principle of our product.

Our product will automate the whole of the supply chain management of the music industry from production to the sale at retailer outlet.

Existing business models, although equipped with high-end software and logistics solutions lack the governance, albeit having the infrastructure, to avoid such losses.   We feel it is our duty to develop such a flexible software & hardware solution to connect every music company under one single managed service in order to fulfill such criteria for an “on-demand” supply.

  • Speed.   It will be the fastest channel to transfer music, upon release, to the listeners.
  • Savings.  Huge savings in loss of time and materials due to speculative over-rated albums; printing, transportation and related overheads.
  • Access.   20 It will allow individuals to download “legal” copies of music immediately.
  • Anti-Piracy.   Most importantly a solution that will protect against copy music content and copyright.

Is this a ‘managed service’ solution?

Yes it is a managed service with client side CDs / DVDs vending device for distributors, retailers and individual users.

When will your product be available to the market?

We are set to release our solution to market April 2010.

Have you taken into consideration your end customer?

Yes and we have had discussions with two of the biggest music company’s of the country and we are also in touch with a multi-national 0Abrand.  They feel very comfortable about our solution.

How big is this market and which areas do you intend to reach?

This solution has no boundaries; in fact it can even be adapted to other types of                 industry. This is a global solution and will cater to the global market.   Let us just give you an example of the music industry, in India it is reputed at 777 crores (US$ 158 million).

Out of which the music CD market is approxi mately 367 crores and this is our target market.

The global market is standing at just under US$ 50 billion.

And, keep in mind, this same solution will also counter the movie and software industries. 

What is your sales strategy?

We will take the proper lines of channel marketed through strategic alliances with propriety music/movie/software production houses, on-line service providers (OSPs), press and print media and promotional campaign services.

We are also in touch with one of the big name from retail business.

Tell us about yourself and your team? how you jumped onto the entrepreneur wagon?

I am IT professional with 10+ years of experience worked with some MNCs and startups. About my team I have 4 more people who promoted this company with me and all of them all IT professional from different vertical from networking, embedded product development, network security, web 2.0, open source technologies, QA and security audit consultancy.

Well we all of us had this stint from last 2 years thought this was right time get into it.

Your strengths?

My people are my strength.   Sometimes they drive me – sometimes I drive them, it good to with team like what I have got here.

What have you achieved in the last 8 months?

We developed, produced and supplied a network appliance and network management software for a client in Europe.  This was delivered ahead of time, in January 2009.

It was a mammoth task to complete with just 11 people, it was a case of all hands on deck working 24/7 for almost 4 months so its hats off to them for their determination and hard work.

What advice would you offer to people aiming like you?

Be focused, stay in the game and never run away from a challenges.


Rachita writes articles in technology magazines and blogs, and loves to meet young people specially upcoming startups and share their joy & pain via writeups and blogs.

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