Coming soon: The “Back-seat Auto-pilot”. Car cams would sense your mood and nudge!


Coming soon: The “Back-seat Auto-pilot”. Car cams would sense your mood and nudge!

Since childhood, unless someone nudges us in person, we did not pay heed. Written instructions are the biggest casualty, no one even reads them, and if at all, pretends to.

It started with our parents telling us not to climb the tree, but we did not pay attention, unless we were caught and hailed down.

The sign on highway, “Speed thrills, but kills” almost every driver has seen, some time or other and by all means have never paused to reflect on it, and when the speed limit was “80 Kmph”, kept on driving at “110”.

Of course, the nudge, failed to budge us.

But soon, there would be a voice, who could even shout at us, angrily albeit, “hey, don’t speed, it kills”.

We are then surely going to take notice of that, isn’t it?

The invisible, back seat driver.

We might sometime fail to keep an eye on the road but there would be someone who would he always keeping an eye on us, sitting inside our cars.

Automakers have already installed cameras inside some new car models that track the movement of the driver’s head and eyes, to ensure he or she is paying attention to the road, and not to a smartphone. The systems, which will become standard equipment on many European cars in a couple of years, are already available on at least one US model, the Cadillac CT6, from General Motors Corp.

A software company called Affectiva Inc is even testing software which would analyse the facial expressions of the driver to determine the mood so that necessary advice could be provided to the driver , in a friendly or aggressive manner depending on the mood at that time.

So while one might be driving, but actually someone else would be driving the driver, by keeping an eye on her/him.

The “back-seat pilot”, coming soon…

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