Delhi Traffic Police Joins Facebook [Social Media at works for CWG]

Whatever perception you have about Delhi Traffic police, there is an attempt by authority to connect with netizens and Facebook is the chosen platform for the same.

Delhi traffic police has launched a FB page which within few weeks of the launched has garnered 2,900 fans. Delhi Police

What is interesting to note about the FB page is that most of the official replies are same as what you get in the real world, i.e. ‘we will look into this and get back to you’; though getting a reply from Delhi traffic police is in itself a big achievement for most of us.

There are a few useful notes/data that Delhi traffic police has shared, for instance, accident analysis, but beyond that we certainly hope that this is not an eyewash attempt for CWG (Common Wealth Games).

Given that CWG is just around the corner, Delhi needs to build a solid image of a friendly place and FB route is surely an interesting strategy (to display their ‘openness’/friendliness).

And we certainly certainly hope that cops have attended {refreshed} 101 of politeness courses for CWG.

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