Exclusive: Commonfloor Is In Talks To Acquire IndiaProperty

The online real estate war is heating up and Commonfloor is in talks to acquire IndiaProperty. The deal is currently in due diligence stage.Indiaproperty

IndiaProperty was hived off as a separate business in 2013 and raised $12mn in Series B in December 2013.

Commonfloor recently raised funding from Google capital and had raised $30mn in 2014. With the recent war started by Housing, consolidation is bound to happen.

Real Estate Site Traffic Comparison
Real Estate Site Traffic Comparison

IndiaProperty, as we speak is also looking to raise close to $50mn in Series C. Either way, the deal will happen – i.e. Series C or C, i.e. Commonfloor.

Update from IndiaProperty:
“These are just baseless rumors and have no truth in them. Indiaproperty.com has no plans to sell out, in fact we will be soon closing Series C funding in a couple of weeks. We are capital efficient and are in the process of rapidly expanding our operations in India and abroad.”

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