CommonFloor Retina Brings VR To The Forefront Of Property Buying

Virtual Reality is big game these days and so is online realty. Bringing these two widely different sectors together is CommonFloor Retina – a tool offering consumers VR experiences of real estate.
CommonFloor Retina Logo
Gauging something as simple as the size of a room is often impossible through a photograph, and CommonFloor Retina looks to address just that. Through virtual reality, users will have the ability to view/review/assess multiple properties from anywhere at any point of time.
From a consumer standpoint, all users have to do is install the CommmonFloor Retina app on their smartphone which is then housed in a VR headset. Think Google Cardboard. Infact the headset is nothing but the Cardboard.
CommonFloor Retina Headset
The app is currently compatible only with the following devices – Nexus 4 and above, MotoG 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy 4 and above, MotoX, Mi3 – that’s because the magnet input on the side of the headset uses the magnetometer built into smartphones to navigate within the app.
From a builder’s perspective, 3D walkabouts have become a commonplace in today’s real estate industry, and now users can experience them in live size 3D from anywhere. It can save costs of building model homes.
It isn’t too farfetched to think that anyone equipped with a 3D camera can take actual footage of their homes (think Google StreetView inside an actual house). The technology has the potential to disrupt an industry which suffers from requiring physical presence even in this digital age.

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