Spotted: Commonfloor Trolling Housing [Photoshopped, Yet Fun]

Housing Trolled By Commonfloor
Housing Trolled By Commonfloor

What a marching month for Housing!
The company which is spending massive $$$$$$s on print ads is recently under a huge PR mess, thanks to founder’s email to Sequoia. And Housing is now being trolled by rival, Commonfloor which subtly used the controversial Lookup logo (again, an inspired one) to take a jab* at the company.
Ofcourse, a great ad slot buy by Commonfloor.
For Housing, it’s Go Die, Motherf***** as usual.
Okay okay – so it’s the game of photoshopping now! Take a look at what we got in our inbox
Housing vs Commonfloor : Meta Trolls
Housing vs Commonfloor : Meta Trolls

THE FINAL ONE (Hopefully)!
Okay Okay. Stop It!
*Update: It is photoshopped. What’er it is, the Indian startup ecosystem has turned fully filmy. Grab some popcorn! (is there an ‘uber for popcorn’?).
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