Introducing: NextBigWhat Community and Monthly Themes!

The winter is coming (really!) and it is the time when sane startups / businesses / teams focus more on product-driven growth (rather than just marketing/discounting led).

And that calls for a place for such sane product leaders, founders, marketers, geeks to huddle, converse, learn and network with each other.

We, the NextBigWhat
We, the NextBigWhat

Announcing NextBigWhat Community !

We have relaunched the community, though with tons of improvements and focused benefits to the members.

The NextBigWhat community brings together global professionals who are responsible to build and grow a business – i.e. engineering, product, marketing and founding/leadership teams. They all participate here to learn, network and find opportunities of mutual interest.

  • Who is it for? Founders, Growth/Marketing teams, product teams and Geeks.
  • What can they find here? Perspectives on growth from global product leaders
  • Why should you come here? To learn, network and engage with global product and growth leaders – not just for learning, but also for hiring needs.

We have tried several other formats earlier – right from Slack to a socionet and are now driven by a belief that conversations and focus need to go together.

We are shifting the focus to growth related conversations and all we do will be governed by that (which means product management is an important part, but not just the only part of this community).

That is, a community of product, geeks and growth leaders.

Announcing Monthly Themes

Each month, we follow a theme which boils down to curated content around the theme including events, AMAs, Webinars and Meetups!

The idea behind the monthly theme is to bring together professionals who really want to focus on that specific topic, but had nowhere to learn from, no platform to find others who had a similar interest.

The Sep month theme is Unboxing Product Management.

There has been a lot of confusion and chaos over the role of product management. The definition varies from company to company, geography to geography and even differs with the team.

Presenting to you, the Unboxing Product Management series of videos, AMAs and meet-ups , designed to bring you all the real and practical wisdom needed to not just transition, but to scale into product management career.

We started the series with our first AMA – with Razorpay’s Shashank Mehta and will soon announce the next speakers for the webinars as well as AMAs and Meetups (you can go ahead and apply as a speaker via email).

Unboxing Product Management : Community Theme
Unboxing Product Management : Community Theme

You can share your suggestions for monthly themes here.

Welcome to the community (have suggestions? share it @ the community platform).

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