FindYogi launches to help you compare products and pricing

We have covered quite a few price comparison service in the past – right from PriceBaba to MySmartPrice, WiC (which recently raised funding from Silicon Valley based Ecosystem Ventures).

Latest to join the price comparison bandwagon is Bangalore based FindYogi. The site (currently in alpha state) differs from others in this space as they want to focus more on product comparison than pure-play price comparison (i.e. price is just one of the features in buying decision).

A quick comparison tells us that MySmartPrice still has an edge over most of the other players by virtue of scraping through multiple sites and having launched a few cool features (like price alert etc and the freshly launched Android App).

Having said that, there is a need to build a ‘relevant/useful’ business in this space – and by relevant, I simply mean that there is a need to go beyond SEO (and stop being a Google affiliate).By relevant, I mean products which are useful for the consumer segment and actually helps in buying decision.

That is, build a destination site and NOT an adsense troll.

And that’s where FindYogi’s future releases holds a promise (disclaimer: FindYogi cofounder, Naman Sarawagi is an ex-team member of

Price Comparison Engine: Beyond SEO

Most of price comparison engines rely on aggressive SEO for discovery and that translates to great advertising dollars (i.e. adsense). But is that the right business model for such services?

Debatable. Good for a lifestyle business, but not otherwise.

Plus, most of price comparison engines are losing out in tracking the actual price of the product because ecommerce companies are offering great discounts via coupons. In fact, one of my recent buys from Indiatimes resulted in a a saving of ~17% over Flipkart’s pricing and none of  price comparison engines were able to spot the discounted price.

What’s your take on price comparison engines?

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