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RateKhoj – Compare Financial Products

If you are wondering which credit card to apply for, which is the best home loan, car loan etc – Ratekhoj comes as a handy help.

Ratekhoj is a newly launched comparison service for financial products and enables one to compare services like FDs, Credit Cards, Home loans, Car/Two-wheeler loans, Personal and Education loans.

The product has a web1.0 feel, but that doesn’t matter – the comparison looks good and one can select multiple products in a category and compare them. Ratekhoj’s business model, as is evident from the site is based on lead generation for these products.


What’s missing?

A typical user needs lot of consulting when it comes to buying a financial product – there are tons of questions/suggestions that one has and a static site with comparison info/scraped data from bank’s site doesn’t solve the entire purpose.

As far as business model is concerned, they should either get into CPA model with these financial institutions or tie-up with DSAs or think of a parallel consulting service.

Overall, RateKhoj seems to be a good start – give it a try. What feedback do you have for the team?

Another startup in this space: ECompare, started by an ex-SBI banker.
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