Shopnics – Compare Gadget Price [Visually]

We have covered online shopping comparison products in the past and over a period of time there have been certain improvements on the way online shopping is perceived to how it is presented.


Shopnics is an interesting play on visual presentation of one’s query:

One can filter the search result based on different attributes (the attributes are function of your query) as well as brands.

Product detail page, like most of the other comparison engines has description/specification/user reviews (from sites like Shopzilla etc)/Price (from Zappos/bizrate etc) and videos.

Overall, Shopnics offers an interesting play on visual representation of comparison – but is that the only differentiator that they have? I believe, data is an important play in online comparison space and the differentiation is ofcourse in understanding the data and making sense out of it – for instance  WisdomTap crawls several forums, rates users based on their activity (on forums) and then suggest you reviews.

What’s your opinion?

Do give Shopnics a spin – will you use it?

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