Doctor Who? Startup Surgerica Helps You Compare Services (Treatment/Surgeries) Across Hospitals

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Doctor Who? Startup Surgerica Helps You Compare Services (Treatment/Surgeries) Across Hospitals

When it comes to healthcare, there are hardly any reliable comparison services and importantly, the lack of transparency in this sector makes it all the more difficult for consumers to trust online healthcare services.

Kolkata based Surgerica is taking a bold step to impacting healthcare by integrating a team of more than 5000 doctors globally to deliver its services directly to clients using its IT solutions thereby making global healthcare affordable and accessible to its users.

Surgerica was started with a motive to globalize the Healthcare Service Delivery System, maintaining transparency in the entire process of treatment and pricing.

In terms of products, Surgerica offers Video consultation, cloud based EHR (Electronic Healthcare Records), Treatment Plan Verification (i.e. provide second opinion from medical practitioners all around the globe to ensure the right procedure of treatment for you) and Instant Treatment estimates.

Plus, you can evaluate hospitals/doctors by doing comparative analysis of the treatment estimates, as Surgerica has partner hospitals like Apollo Healthcare, Fortis, Narayana Hrudayalaya, ColumbiaAsia and Manipal Hostpital under its belt.

The customer is free to choose from a vast network of doctors & hospitals and can also go in for a second opinion which reduces the biasing factor. The portal also offers local & ground support and maintains real time status of the patient. All the medical records are available online for free and easy access to the client in form of EMRs (Electronic Medical Reports).

For hospitals and doctors, the platform opens up newer monetization channels (including medical tourism) and for patients, it brings more transparency in the system.

Having said that, what is the incentive for doctors to be a part of Surgerica network?
Answers Amit Bhagat, Surgerica Founder : Up to 80% revenue is shared with them for E-consult and Video Consult and nothing for Treatment Connect.

  • Treatment Connect comes in $1 ( INR 55 ) where a patient can have a treatment plan (Containing Provisional Line of Treatment and Cost Estimates) with brief opinion from the Doctor/Hospital.
  • E-Consult has variable charges starting from $9 ( INR 450 ) where a patient can request for a detailed opinion with Treatment Plan.
  • Video-Consult  has variable charges starting from $19 ( INR 950 ) where a patient can request for a Video Consultation ( Will be live on 15th August )

In all the cases the patient (i.e. the user) can book his/her admission in the Hospital from the portal free of cost (during registration, you ned to pay authorization fee of Rs. 55).  In terms of traction, the startup had 800+ customers using the platform

As far as future plans are concerned, the team plans to launch a service where in patients can directly consult to a Doctor on Google Hangout free of cost making the first consultancy hassle free.

It will also offer a scheduler and maintain an online review and rating system wherein a patient will directly review the services of the portal, the hospital and the Doctor making the entire system transparent and prudent. 

The startup also aims to make the process of global healthcare simple for the immigration authorities to track & Monitor International Medical Tourist, by maintaining a real time online status of the patient accessible to the authorities through a unique portal.

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