Cloud Computing Platforms Compared [Amazon web services v/s v/s Google app engine]

We earlier shared the evolution of Cloud Computing and here is a guest article on comparison of three cloud platforms, i.e. AWS vs. Force vs. Google App Engine.

The article gives data points that will enable you to select a platform before starting a small project ‘on the cloud’ in your company.

For comparison purpose, following parameters have been used:

  • Portability
  • Pricing

Portability of Cloud Platform

  • Powerful and highly integrated platform and application cloud platform designed using proprietary technologies like Apex and Visual force. clip_image002
  • Definitive choice where applications are already there in technology ecosystem.

Google App Engine:

The applications built using Google cloud portability tools can be deployed onto Google AppEngine for Business, a VMware environment or other infrastructure such as Amazon EC2. (Download these tools from here).

Amazon Web services:

  • Highly portable and customizable as code can be written in open source languages like PHP, Java, Python, Ruby.
  • Amazon has a wide variety of developer resources Amazon simple DB, Amazon EC2 to make a proof of concept before actual implementation.
  • Customized, highly scalable and stable technology architectures can be built on Amazon cloud serving US, Europe and Asia pacific.

Pricing pricing

  • Individualized and can vary greatly depending on features selected. Starts from free to 75 dollars per user / month.
  • Customizable pricing model and depends upon the requirements of the user/organization.
  • Fastest path to turn ideas into business impact by providing the necessary building blocks to enable faster business application creation and delivery.


Google App Engine pricing

  • App Engine costs nothing to get started.
  • All applications can use up to 500 MB of storage and enough CPU and bandwidth to support an efficient app serving around 5 million page views a month free.
  • Above free limits are raised, and you only pay for resources you use above the free levels.

Amazon’s Pricing

Pricing is depending upon Bandwidth and storage and largely product based. The high level insight of pricing in Asia pacific

  • Product for Computing: Amazon EC2: $0.10 per hour to $0.80 per hour
  • Product for Storage: Amazon S3: $0.150 per GB to $0.065 per GB (over 5000 TB)
  • Product for Database: Amazon Simple DB: $0.100 per GB to $0.127 per GB


All three platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. Best route would be charting out specific IT application needs and considering other factors like:

  • Portability.
  • Pricing.
  • Customization cost.
  • Integration issues.


What’s your opinion?

[Guest article by Onkar Bhosle, Co-Founder of Anveshan Technologies].

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