This Canadian AI startup compresses photos by 90%

The cloud storage needs of the average user is growing each year, largely thanks to the upkeep needed of massive photo libraries that one accumulates with smartphones. While cloud storage costs have never been cheaper, an advanced compression mechanism that can help reduce size without loss in quality would be a very welcome addition. And this is what PixelDrive claims to be able to do. The platform says it can compress photos using AI down to 10% of their original size without loss in quality. One can definitely see the benefits of this on the user end as well as for firms/developers for integration into their applications. PixelDrive is currently offering 1GB of compressed cloud storage free for all users (which they claim to be equivalent to 10GB) until the end of October 2018.


PixelDrive uses AI to compress photos down to as little as 10% of the original size without any change in resolution or quality. Its cloud storage can store up to 10 times more photos than traditional cloud services, at half the cost.

Vancouver, Canada

About the founding team :

Migel is an engineer with a strong research background in Machine Learning (ML). He holds an undergraduate degree in mechatronics engineering, and a PhD in Machine Learning (expected 2018) from the University of South Australia.

Francis, Founder and CEO of Adenda, has a Masters in Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. He is also the inventor of two U.S Patents.

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